Let there be light! I don’t know about you, but I can’t function, or even feel awake without a well-lit space at home.  I will pull aside the curtains in my living room each morning before I can even consider sitting down, eager to let the natural sunlight come beaming in. And while natural sunlight is by far the best source to brighten up a home, just as important is the indoor lighting sources used to illumine a space. Depending on your type of home, you might need more than one lighting source for a room in order to create a well-lit home (i.e. no overhead lighting in a room(s), not enough windows to receive enough natural sunlight, or small overhead lighting fixture for a large space). 

That’s when accent table lamps come into play. I, myself, appreciate a good table lamp. For the functional and style purposes one can deliver. My home doesn’t receive quite enough lighting in my living room without lamps. So adding two on either side of my sofa gives the perfect lighting level I desire.

It really is amazing how much better a space can look when it is well-lit. For home staging, it is one of the top concerns I bring up to homeowners and the dramatic after-effect from adding a simple lamp or two never gets old. Added bonus — It also can help modernize a dated space, being one of the easiest upgrades to adding style!  

1.Century Table Lamp 2.Tropico Media Table Lamp 3.Chanya Table Lamp 4. Scottie Table Lamp 5. JAR Table Lamp 6.Drum Table Lamp