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Olivia Chandelier
Lindy Sheets
Beautiful light

This light was everything I expected! Very unique, and a nice size. You won’t be disappointed. Customer service was excellent. I would purchase from Dekorfine again.

Nice light but bulb came broken

Beautiful chandelier

Great experience with Dekorafine and fabulous chandelier

Love this lamp!

It was a long wait to receive but now that it's here, I love this lamp! It's a swell addition to my home and has been admired by friends--one of whom immediately placed their order for the 15" lamp.

Pembridge Chandelier
Dana Moinian

Excellent service. Quick response and extra discs sent promptly when some arrived damaged in transit.

Rice Paper 15A Pendant Light

Almost perfect

I bought 2 for my dining room. These would be perfect if they were dimmable and if the “wood” grain was not so red in color. I have walnut kitchen cabinets and the lights don’t match (see the middle picture with the upper cabinet and the light fixture up close). Maybe some prefer the reddish color though. I have 2 larger sized lights and it’s too bright for the space. I really wish I could dim them. Otherwise they are ok. They came packed really well. I like the way they look in the evening without the daylight accentuating the red tone and with them turned off. If you have a darker room with not much sunlight then these are the way to go. The larger ring makes a better statement.

Ginkgo lamp

Lovely fixture needs to provide options.
1. all ceramic leaves as well as option for the gold leaves
2. Need 3000k or 2700k options at purchase.

Beautiful, so happy with my order

I bought the teddy bear lamp for my daughter, it’s so cute and good quality

Teardrop Crystal Pendant Light
Wouter Van Bennekom
Great quality, reasonable price

Fantastic light system. Great quality! Relative quick delivery from China. Only remark i have is that the screws to fix the ceiling cover were mixed gold and black (while black is more logical for a black cover). Also a picture on the website was missing regarding the 'eccentric' light effect the lamp projects on a surface. I liked it, but some might be 'unpleasantly surprised'.


They look really nice

Do not buy from this site

I made a purchase in November and still have not received my two lamps. The tracking number they provide cannot be tracked. The business have falsified the business location to be Texas but they are from China. I am chasing them for a refund and have not received I have also lodge a complaint with my credit card company. What ever you do, do not purchase from their site. It is a scam!!!!

My dad loves it

I purchased for my dad who is a nature lover like myself. He and my mom love it. Also said it was packaged very well. He said he never had something packaged like that before. Not sure what that means.

Took forever to get to us

I love these little lamps and use them as bedside lamps.

Grace Wall Lamp
Sebastian Hahn

Love it. Looks great on the wall and adds ambiance to the room

Love this simple lamp. It looks pretty sitting on the bedroom night stand.

Green Shipping Protection
wonderlyn murphy
African table lamps

The perfect aesthetic to any design

Grace Wall Lamp
Leigh Servigon

Excellent quality! These will look beautiful in my cottage.

Very nice lamp

I’d give 5 stars except that the power drains w/o use… the illuminated power button on the top consumes the charge slowly-
However, it also makes it easy to know when charging is needed!
Dekofine gets 5 stars for their service.
(My order got misdelivered- Dekofine promptly resolved)

This is such an amazing lamp. It really does add a nice touch to any table or counter top, it is absolutely beautiful.

I was looking for a cute and affordable floor lamp and this is just that!

Great light! Looks great, easy install!

They never answer the phone and poor customer services

Very cute table lamps, just the right size for my bedside tables.