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PH5 Pendant Lamp
Gerald Rojas

The lamps are more than expected, in terms of appearance and value!

Very well made

The Caprani wooden floor lamp is well made. It is very easy to put together although you will have to watch a video on assembling the lamp shade. It is not that difficult to do, but the enclosed instructions are sketchy. Most of all the lamp is beautiful.

Gingko Chandelier R
Carin Apter
Gingko Chandelier R

Simply gorgeous. Exactly what we were looking for to elevate our dining room. Packaged with great care and the customer service was top-notch. Would absolutely buy from Dekorfine again.

heavy and textured

The packaging is superb, heavy and textured, it deserves praise.

The quality is good

The quality is good, the price is high, you can continue to buy.


Good-looking, very design sense

lights are high-end

It's super beautiful, and the texture is also very good. I bought the whole house, and the style is simple and the lights are high-end.

The wall lamp is super beautiful

The wall lamp is super beautiful, it is very convenient to turn on at night, the workmanship is very good, the light source is soft and not dazzling.

style very much

The lamps have been picked for a long time, and I like this style very much. The price is also suitable and I decided to place an order. The effect after installation is also good.

Simple and modern

Brightness of light: Simple and modern, I like this style very much, the light is soft, beautiful and fashionable.

The effect is very good

The effect is very good, the installation is simple and the measurement is enough, praise.


The chandelier is installed, the quality is very good, the style is novel, the effect is very good, satisfied!

nice! !

nice, nice! !

feels very warm

The workmanship is exquisite, and the process of tearing off the protective film feels very decompressing. After turning on the light, the atmosphere is very strong, mainly warm light, which feels very warm.

Very satisfied!

This is the lamp installed in the living room! Very satisfied! The design of the aperture is also very impressive! This one can definitely start, and I will never regret it, the real thing is much better than the photo!


I especially like upscale.

magic lamp

Absolutely, magic lamp, the atmosphere is too strong, buy it! Favorite choice, no doubt! Not to mention the color.

excellent value for money

Meticulous workmanship and excellent value for money.

very artistic

The design of the lamp is very artistic, it looks beautiful and generous, the light is soft and not dazzling, and the installation is also simple, I am very satisfied.

I was stunned

I was stunned when I received the goods. I didn't expect the quality to be so good.

Very beautiful lamp

Very beautiful lamp, the style is also simple and atmospheric, it is also very beautiful to hang in the room, and the quality is also very good. I like it very much and recommend to buy it.

appearance is good

The packaging is very good, the appearance is good, and the quality is no problem.

very advanced

The lamp is relatively simple, and it should be easy to take care of. The overall look is very simple and very advanced!

I like it very much

This one is very fashionable and novel, I like it very much.

Simple and fashionable

Simple and fashionable, high-end atmosphere is the style I like, my friends say that it is very good-looking.