One update I want to make soon is some new pendant lights for our dining room. I don’t mind the ones that are there, but they’re a little too nautical for my liking. Plus, this is such an easy update to make, why not?

Either way, I love that you can totally change the look and feel of your space with a few lights. I have plans to swap out the lighting in so many areas in our house to totally change the look to be more our style. It’s not a super expensive update either, especially if you already have the electrical stuff in the right spot.

I made sure to include a ton of different price points—everything from $157 to $1160, but most are on the lower end of that spectrum. I can’t wait to make changes in here and share it with you guys!

1. Khmara Suspension | 2. Denglong Pendant | 3. Frisbi Suspension | 4. Rattan Cane Suspension | 5. Modern Leaf Shaped Chandelier

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