I have been obsessed with home decor since I was a teenager. The idea of having a great house with wonderful interior is one of my goal in life. When other girls was spending so much money on new clothes and make up, I spent it on home decor and furniture! I like to rearranged my bedroom every year and table lamp is one of the essential thing that I have changed quite frequent. Here are my current picks for gold / brass accents table lamps

1.Crescent Table Light is an illuminated Opal sphere sliced in half to reveal a crescent-shaped Brushed Brass fascia. Crescent Table Light seamlessly combines the solid and the opaque making this perfect in any setting. This illuminated sphere is sliced asymmetrically in half to reveal a crescent-shaped brushed brass fascia.

2.The Boule table lamp is a pure homage to the traditional French Pétanque game, a version of the boule. The object toys with luminance by stacking different versions of plain and colored hand-blown glass, set on a base of the hand-made wood grain with a satin glaze in various colors.

3.The Orbital Table Lamp offers celestial bodies with hypnotically glowing cores. The ingenious design of a hand-blown glass lens, held in place by a metal band creates a fascinating visual experience. 

4.Carved from a spinning block of metal, this cordless table lamp is pure in form and reassuringly firm in texture.‎ It stands sharp emitting gentle light from beneath its top to fill the darkness with a warm radiance that enhances the night.‎ diffused by the shades culminates into a clean ambient glow that accentuates the engraved ornamental logo on each of the Steel lamp holders.

6. Crystal Dandelion Table Lamp merges with crystal stems branching into a glittering globe reminiscent of evanescent dandelion seed heads. 

7.simple geometric shapes, have resulted in a product that is decorative and essential 

8.The references to a certain Baroque splendor are tempered by more minimal, contemporary touches, generating a delicate, harmonious dichotomy.

he glass leaf shape design looks messy but is orderly in the ring. It is simple and delicate.

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