It is often difficult to find the right minimalist Pendant Lamp. There is almost too much choice, at any price. There are also many pendant lamps that bring bad lighting, with uncomfortable light, glares or simply bad illumination.

To make your choice easier, we have selected 9 models of Pendant Lamp that are minimalist, functional, yet beautiful. All of them follow the 5 rules of minimalism:

  • “Less is More”, or “Less is better”.
  • Eliminate extraneous things. No detail is superfluous or unnecessary.
  • Use neutral colors, and other colors only when needed.
  • Create visual balance and use proportionality.
  • Make every detail count, because the absence of something can be more beautiful than the thing itself.

Crescent Pendant LightCrescent pendant light is an illuminated Opal sphere sliced in half to reveal a crescent-shaped brushed Brass fascia. Crescent pendant light seamlessly combines the solid and the opaque making this perfect in any setting.

Mila Brass SuspensionMila was realized through the marriage of hand-blown artisan glass balanced with the soft geometry of its delicately bent form. Simple and elegant, the glow of Mila’s pearl-like spheres hangs in beautiful harmony within nests of precious metal.

IC Pendant LightFrom the skillful balance of the sphere and baton that invokes thoughts of a dexterous juggler’s act to the lamp’s name—IC, a reference to the identity code used to evaluate immigrants entering the UK—the designer makes a commanding statement.

Ball Pendant LightThe Ball Light pendant, part of the Ball Light series, is meant to be eye-catching in any setting but is most striking when grouped in three or more. Also available with a flex cord.

Clark Pendant LightUpgrade the look of your home with this unique Clark Pendant Light. The beautiful Pendant light adds a stylish touch to any room of your home, regardless of the bedroom to the living room.

Andromeda Suspension LampThe Andromeda chandelier uses dual lighting, with an original metal disc, except that the top and bottom lights are injected from the opening in the middle, and the irregular perforations create a starry sky effect, while providing perfect brightness and visual comfort.

Dot Pendant LightThe result is a collection of lamps inspired by a graceful balance of lines and incandescent points. Eaves features a flat metal disk with a domed optic. The multitude of canopy options ship with the cable attached which can be easily cut in the field to size for the ultimate versatility.

Knock Pendant LightA lighting series that emerges from the idea of illuminating various contract or living spaces with the same collection. The light emitted from the blown glass globe is warm and friendly.

Jewel Multi Pendant LampLike a small precious jewel suspended between refinement and harmony. Jewel shines intensely, without dazzling, in spaces of all sizes, a modular synthesis of taste and love for the environment.

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