If there is one element of our living room that I absolutely love, it is floor lamp. The bungalow doesn’t have any overhead lighting in the living room, so this was the best solution to help illuminate from above. I also love how streamlined it is. With their minimal footprint, floor lamps can really work wonders in a small space. Here are some really great options in case you’re looking for one!

If your home is like ours and doesn’t have any overhead lighting, a stylish floor lamp is an awesome addition. They are also great if you’d like to create a special corner, like a reading nook or small home office! I really love how the height can also make a space feel even taller — our arc lamp definitely does that for our space.

While working on this post, I was amazed by how many stylish floor lamps there are out there, especially in a variety of price points. Aesthetically, you can really find anything you have in mind from super-minimal to architectural and statement-making. I narrowed down the search to include any lamps that I felt would be a good fit for our home… aka lots of marble, brass, black, and white!

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