Need help figuring out what to get mum for Mother’s Day? Look no further. We’re here to help! We know lights might not be the first option that comes to mind when thinking about gift ideas, but let’s think outside the box here.

Lights are used daily and endlessly. They have a purpose, and every time the light is used, it’s a nice little reminder of the person who gifted it.

Also, (not to get too mushy) a light brings warmth, brightness, and joy! For this Mother’s Day, give your mum back the gift she has given to you for years. Let her know the years of guidance, support and love are seen and appreciated.


Mother’s Day Gifts on Sale

Who doesn’t love a good sale? We’re bringing you elegance on a budget. Let’s be honest, the past couple of years might have been a little money tight, but that doesn’t have to affect your gift-giving!

Every mum deserves a unique gift and we want to be able to provide that to you, whatever your budget may be. Check out these clearance items for a style that won’t break the bank!

The minimalist yet unique Posie Pendant Light features a contemporary design composed of layered figures overlapping to create a modern ambiance. Use it on its own or in pairs to achieve a true show-stopping effect. The pastel pink tone will bring out all the colors in your space allowing for a perfect contrast with minimal effort. Posie Pendant Light is great for those who want a pop of colour overhead. This light leans towards the artsy/contemporary home style, with a warm shape. For the artsy mum who loves light and colour. 

With a graceful and elegant design, this beautiful flower lamp is perfect anywhere in your home, A gorgeous addition to any room, the lampshade it has a pink blossom on the very cute. This piece is sure to make a statement and your mum will love it.

Notte Table Lamp is a striking, simple piece of art that will complement any room! The ceramic base has a leaf-like pattern, that would best accompany greenery. However, this pattern can also bring balance to a classic look and offers feminine appeal for mum. 

Tiffany Table Lamp is a piece to be featured! Its geometric pattern is filled with gorgeous blue and pink stained glass and is inspired by ancient Aztec design. This piece is sure to make a statement and your mum will love it.

Flowerpot Charge Table Light with a touch LED Light source is perfect for a desk or bedside table. It can plug into a USB for power. This lamp is perfect for those zoom meetings and Facetime calls if you live far from your mum, where good lighting is a must. 

The Flowerpot Wall lamps, a vividly colored lamps with a rounded pendant that hangs from the semi-domed upper shade. it is available in a wide range of contemporary colors and will bring a cozy atmosphere to indoor and outdoor settings. This retro lamp would not only add a gorgeous illumination but would also accentuate contemporary interiors in a commercial shop or bar. For the artsy mum who loves light and colour. 

Feather your nest with the Ostrich Feather Table Lamp, romantic and feminine this sultry lamp will make a statement in your bedroom or living room. Its elegant gilded base supports real, Ostrich feathers. An illuminating small feather tree, resplendent with exquisite ostrich feather foliage, the feather lamp takes center stage in any luxury setting and delivers the ultimate touch to your luxurious exotic home decor. For this Mother’s Day, give your mum back the gift she has given to you for years. Let her know the years of guidance, support and love are seen and appreciated.

The atmosphere is full of positive energy. This Table lamp has a built-in iron shade that can transform a desk into a place of love. This Table lamp is great for a romantic setting or a personal room, and can also be used in a study room or bedroom. table lamp is a great gift for Mom. It is a decorative item that is both useful and pleasant to look at.

Melt is a beautifully distorted pendant in a modern Copper finish and matching ceiling rose. Emitting an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light, this ceiling light creates a mesmerizing melting hot-blown glass effect when on and a mirror-finish effect when off. it emits an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light. Melt floor lamps are available in copper, chrome, and gold. 

Next up, we have the Flowerpot Pendant Light, which is ideal over a kitchen or dining table. If your mum is always baking up a storm in the kitchen, she’ll love this stunning pendant.

This pendant oozes warm light engulfed in an inviting circular pattern. The two levels of circles add a decorative touch, without going over the top. This light fixture is the true equivalent of the warm encompassing mother’s love.

Need more ideas?

Didn’t find exactly what you were searching for in this article? Shop our full collection of lighting to have a look for yourself! Make sure to check out the Mother’s Day Collection to find which fixture is the best fit for your gift!

If after all of this, you still can’t decide which is the best pick for you, there’s always the option of gift cards! Let your mum pick out the design she connects with most, and it still gets to be a creative, unique gift from you! 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for this Mother’s Day. After all, your mum is special, and we want to give her a gift that will light up her world. Shop the full collection today!

1. Posie Pendant Lamp | 2.Pink Candle Table Lamp | 3.Notte Table Lamp | 4.Tiffany Table Lamp | 5.Flowerpot Charge Table Light | 6.Flowerpot Wall Lamp | 7.Ostrich Feather Table Lamp | 8.Heart Atmosphere Table Lamp | 9.Melt Pendant Light | 10.Flowerpot Pendant Light | 11.Disc Orb Pendant Lamp | 12.PH5 Pendant Lamp

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