Lighting can make a room, don’t you think? So often, living rooms do not have an overhead light. So floor lamps are imperative for good lighting in living rooms. You an choose ambient lighting – which means the light is defused, directional lighting/or task lighting or uplighting. It all depends on how much brightness you want in the room at different times of the day. Three-way lighting or dimmers are always helpful to achieve the look you want. We have rounded up some of our favorite floor lamps for you. My Spar Floor Lamp is a a favorite for sure! I love the larger lamp shade, offering such beautiful light in our living room.

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Lighting can change the way a room feels. Soft lighting makes the room feel cozy and calm. If you want more energy in the room, brighter lighting does the trick. Wood lamps gives a warm feeling, while chrome, metal and black can give a more industrial feel. Bigger lamp shades give the room scale if the room is large. We would love to know if you have some favorites too!

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