Table lamps are must-have pieces for adding pools of light to your home as well as dazzling design.

As such, we know it can sometimes be tricky to search for the perfect table lamp. But, we're here to tell you that table lamps need not be boring. In fact, we love how our gorgeous side lighting provides an opportunity to elevate your interior. Whilst also being a brilliant source of mood lighting, there are so many divine table lamps for many different interior schemes. So, if you're looking for a light that makes your heart sing, then see below to discover some amazing designs for your home...


Perfect Pops Of Colour

Left: Flowerpot Charge Table Light | Middle: UFO Table Light | Right: Marshmallow Table Lamp

Table lamps that are bursting with colour will add instant interest to any space. As well as brightening up the corners of the room, colourful lamps will bring a striking vibrance to your scheme. As such, if you want to feel invigorated with your lighting, then colourful lamps are a great choice. Additionally, this is a great way to start experimenting with colour in your home as an alternative to bright walls.


Adorable Animals

Left: Pink Bear Table Lamp | Middle: Baby Elephant Table Lamp | Right: Bunny Flower Table Lamp

Our adorable animal table lamps are ornamental treasures in themselves. Moreover, if you love your interiors to be eclectic with sculptural delights in every corner, then animal lights are a perfect choice. On top of this, for animal lovers, there's nothing not to love about these cute little characters to illuminate your home. To curate an interior that is full of playful touches, you can't go wrong with an animal lamp!


Ultra Quirky Cool

Left: Theater Table Lamp | Middle: Black Danish Table Lamp | Right: Outela Table Lamp

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