Trends are never divorced from life and they are not born by chance. In the 60s, When everything had already been rebuilt,life began to improve, people wanted to get rid of the dullness and monotony of the post-war period. Color, non-standard combinations of colors entered the interior. This is the era of post-war progress, when people had the opportunity to use unusual materials for the production of furniture. For example, plastic could be used for chairs, tables, lamp shades and other things. Also, military developments began to be used in the production of interior items - many metal parts appeared.

Particular attention was paid to lighting scenarios. An alternative to standard chandeliers was the variety of new ceiling, wall and floor lamps, various combinations of which could completely transform the interior.

For those who are interested in trends and design of lamps, we have made several selections of chandeliers. Many of them will always be relevant, and some will go out of fashion. Therefore, it is important to choose what you like, and not just fashionable.

Chandeliers with metal details are especially relevant in mid-century style interiors.

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