You may not want to buy everything online (sofas or chairs for instance want to be sat in, fabric often wants to be touched), but lighting is certainly one of the things that you can confidently purchase without needing to see/hold/touch/nuzzle in person. So we thought it was about time that we did an epic lighting resource post, rounding up our favorite 6 stores and choosing a lot of our favorites from them. In no particular order, here, my friends, are my favorite online lighting sources.

Chandeliers are one of the most important elements of a room design! I built many of my rooms around the light fixtures. They can express your style in a huge way—from glam to minimal to understated to unique. There is a fixture for every mood and personality!

Flush mounts are like chandeliers for rooms with lower ceilings. They are perfect for smaller spaces, bathrooms, rooms with bunk beds (lol—unless you want your chandelier to become a death trap), hallways and cozy spaces. I used a lot more of these in my home than I expected to!

1. Nuvola pendant light | 2. Black Wave Chandelier | 3. Rhythm Collection Chandeliers | 4. Glass Bubble Pendant Lights | 5. Tree Branch Chandelier | 6. Taraxacum Pendant light

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