In home decoration, lamps are an indispensable part. Nowadays, the use of table lamps is very common. It can be placed in the bedroom, study, bedside table, and other lighting at home to provide convenience for people's lives. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of table lamps, such as the popular Portable and USB table lamps on the market. How about the Portable and USB desk lamp?


Portable lights offer the ultimate convenience and flexibility, as they allow you to easily bring additional lighting into the room. They make the ideal solution to light nooks, awkward spaces and shelves as they don’t require wires, which can be an unsightly trip hazard. Read on to find a portable lamp for every style of home.


Timeless and Traditional

Though portable lighting is often thought of as modern, you can get traditional styles to effortlessly suit more classic décor schemes. For example, the Turn Plus Table Light has a traditional lantern design, with a sleek modern edge. This design fits easily into period properties, and also suits more modern interior schemes. The Turn Plus Table Light also benefits from being weatherproof so can be used to illuminate the outdoors.






Sleek and Modern

For homes with contemporary style, there are many slick portable designs that will work wonderfully in the modern home. The Funtaphanta LED Table lamp has a unique shape, with a slim stem, and can be easily charged with a USB cable to last for up to 35 hours. The Funtaphanta LED Table lamp is compact enough to style within a bookcase or on a corner desk and will nicely light up dark spots within the space.


Characterful and Creative

Homes with an arty flair will appreciate the quirky style of the Spiral Glass Table Lamp, the set includes four different styles with different colours and subtly varying shapes. The round handle on top of the lamp allows the user to adjust the brightness of the light, and dim the light down to create an ambient atmosphere. This lamp is perfect for winding down in the evening, and is great as a bedside light or for dining by.


If you’re looking to incorporate portable lighting into your home, check out Dekorfine Lighting’s desirable options for inspiration.

1. Folia Portable Lamp 2. Flowerpot Charge Table Light 3. Poldina Table Lamp 4. Xtal Becrux Table Lamp 5. Tetatet Table Lamp 6. Pipistrello Table Lamp 7. Sunset Table Lamp 8. Cordless LED Table Lamp 9. Funtaphanta LED Table lamp 10. Turn Plus Table Light 11. Spiral Glass Table Lamp

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