When will I ever need to use the Pythagorean theorem?

It’s not an unreasonable question. A lot of textbook lessons have limited real-life applications. Geometry is not one of them, though. The sharp angles and striking shapes you studied in tenth grade actually offer endless design options, particularly when it comes to lighting your home.

The best part about geometric lighting fixtures is you don’t have to use a protractor or solve any problems with letters. You simply choose the one that fits your style, and it’ll do all the work for you.

Why is it On the Rise?

Geometric shapes are not a new design trend. Many people may see repeating hexagons or psychedelic circles and remember the 1970s. Others relate sharp angles and opaque globes to art deco lighting. You could argue these designs are cyclical. But the real reason this trend keeps finding its way back to the forefront is simple: geometry is bold.

Whether it’s an oversized circle or odd shape with a dozen intersecting arms, the simplicity of geometric lighting fixtures is eye-catching. Your brain is not used to seeing these mathematical structures in a setting that is far from formulaic. Even in a contemporary home, geometric pendant lighting has a tendency to steal the show.

It’s no wonder interior designers return to geometric lighting over and over again. The right geometric piece will:

  • Elevate the entire décor to another level of class and sophistication
  • Create a certain mood – from playful to purposeful
  • Invoke wonder and amazement
  • Add a touch of artistic imagination

What Defines a Geometric Lighting Fixture?

By definition, geometric lighting fixtures are unlike anything else in the room. “Uniqueness” can be hard to pinpoint, but there are a few features of a geometric light fixture that make it definitively true. If your light fixture has any of these elements, you can rest assured it will stand out:

  • Repeated patterns
  • Straight lines
  • Sharp edges
  • Globes
  • Rectangles
  • Squares
  • Triangles
  • Unexplainable forms

With geometric lighting, you also have an array of compatible fixture types. Pendants, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces can all be made into geometric wonders. So you can think outside of the box with your lighting scheme – maybe even outside your home.

Where Can You Use Geometric Lighting Fixtures?

Every room in your house – inside and out – could incorporate some form of geometric lighting. But it’s not just the placement within the home that matters. The style has to work, too. That doesn’t mean your decor has to be Art Deco or 1970s-inspired, however; while they have innate modernity about them, the right materials can instantly turn a triangular cage into a rustic charmer.

9 Geometric Lighting Fixtures That Make a Statement

1.Bretagne Pendant Light

The Bretagne Pendant Light is a sculptural statement that brings out clear architectonic lines. The Bretagne lamp is a classic lamp with a sculptural and architectonic design that fits perfectly in a present context. 

2.Ph5 Pendant Lamp

The fixture provides 100% glare-free light. Its design is based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs majority of the light downwards. 

3.Diablo Pendant Lamp

The designer has managed to create a classic, timeless look. The special thing about the Diablo pendant light is the intelligent lighting. The shade consists of several slats through which the light is directed into the room without glare. The multiple refraction of the light creates a particularly uniform room light.

4.Three-layer Glass Pendant Lamp

The three shade system creates an even distribution of light as each shade reduces the light equally due to their distance from the light source. 

5.Three-layer Pendant Light

Its design is based on the principle of a system of three blades that generate reflective shade that directs light downward without glare. It is built in aluminum painted white to ensure uniform distribution of light.

6.Verona Pendant Light

Further exploring the possibilities of its sleekly domed Verona lighting series, Dekorfine design studio devises a pendant version with a half-revealed milky glass diffuser. Lamps are topped by a machined-glass shade, Classic finishes in black and white.

7.Semi Pendant Light

Semi is a unique pendant lamp, based on two quarter-circles put together, back-to-back. With its distinctive arch-shaped, enameled metal shade, lightness of form and unique, timeless design, the elegant Semi lamp achieved great success in the 1980's and became, at that time, the best-selling Danish design, gaining worldwide recognition and iconic status.

8.Moja Pendant Light

We unites exclusive quality and design with functional lighting. All this is clearly reflected in the MOJA , which is a perfect choice for the modern décor in private as well as commercial settings and environments.

9.Cylinders Pendant Lamp

The design is characterized by the exceptional and playful lampshade that reflects designer passion for versatility: The base of the lamp consists of three basic shapes - two immovable cylinders and a hemisphere - framed by a thin ring. 

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