Choosing the right pendant stair light can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your staircase. Accurately calculating the diameter and height of the pendant light is crucial for achieving the desired look and functionality. Here's how to do it

Determining the Height of Staircase Chandeliers

For high ceilings, the ideal chandelier length is calculated as: Ceiling height (in feet)×2.5 to 3 inches


  • 12-foot ceiling: 30” to 36”
  • 20-foot ceiling: 50” to 60”

Ensure the fixture doesn’t hang below the second floor and clears any object beneath by at least 30”.

Calculating the Diameter of Staircase Chandeliers

Two methods to determine the diameter:

  1. Add together the length of the stairway, width of the foyer, and ceiling height (in feet). Convert the sum to inches.
    1. Example: 15’ stairway + 12’ foyer + 18’ ceiling = 45” diameter
  2. Add the length and width of the stairway (in feet). Convert the sum to inches.
  3. Example: 15’ stairway + 10’ width = 25” diameter

Check Ceiling Load Capacity

Verify your ceiling’s load capacity. Standard electrical boxes support 35-50 pounds. Heavier fixtures may need reinforced boxes

Choosing a Staircase Chandelier

A staircase chandelier can be both practical and stylish. Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful! Your stairway fixture can be a focal point, or it can be quite subtle and understated. Choose a fixture that blends well with your décor, and don’t be shy about making a statement.


Now that you have some basic parameters, you can move on to the fun stuff—choosing a light fixture for your stairway.

73 Random Glass Pendant Light

Ball Crystal Chandeliers

features a cascade of delicate glass pendants, creating a mesmerizing display of light and shadow. You can use this small lamp to form a stair chandelier to create a floating ball effect.

Shiro Noda Chandelier

Glamour Glaze Chandelier

This exquisite fixture combines modern elegance with timeless charm, providing a sophisticated touch to any stairway. The chandelier's sleek design and high-quality materials ensure durability and a lasting impression.

Stairway chandeliers are the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication to your home. Choosing the right height and diameter is key to achieving a showroom look. Don’t hesitate to reach out to speak to us if you have questions about choosing the right sized fixture for your home. 

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