When it comes to planning the lighting design for your kid’s bedroom, it is quite similar to any other room in your house, in that you generally need ambient lighting, task lighting, and perhaps accent lighting as well.

Some considerations that may help you decide on the type of lighting to put up in the room:

  • What are the activities that often take place in the room?
  • Does your child have a desk space for study and homework?
  • Is reading in bed a nightly routine?
  • Does your child like to play with intricate toys or puzzles that require good lighting for better vision?

Creative Bear Planet Table Lamp

The Creative Bear Planet Lamp is a beautifully designed lamp that will add a splash of color to your home. It comes in two colors, namely, blue and pink. Due to the attractive and creative bear and planet design of this lamp, it is recommended that it be used in a child's room or playroom. 

Resin Robot Table Lamp

This a cute table lamp, shaped like a cartoon character, the lampshade at the top is made by 3D printing technology, and the lamp body is integrally formed with resin.

Teddy Table Lamp

Teddy table lamp, that embraces a small luminous sphere. Timid and delicate, it brings to light the little teddy bear's tender soul. With its soft velvety surface, Teddy is a call for cuteness!

Lia Table Lamp

The LIA lamp has the shape of a heart/star/cloud that gives a soft and warm light. Lovingly contemporary. Made of polyethylene. With economical LED lamp. Love is all you need!  which is in the shape of a large heart and will light up their bedroom or nursery any time of day. 

Butterfly Girl Table Lamp

This is a unique and delicate butterfly girl table lamp, the beauty holds the moon high and fills the space with light. It is molded from resin and has a vivid tactile surface. Light luxury table lamp decoration, fresh and elegant.

Twist Desk Lamp

The twist desk lamp is a great addition to your working desk or bedside table. A warm glow will bring happy vibes to any space. Twist desk lamps inspired by Cell structure in the human body them into whimsical lighting.

Flower Shape Table Lamp

The beautiful decorative lamp - a flower table lamp plus a delicate girl, with unusual proportions, gives people a fairytale feeling. This luminous ornament is perfect for enhancing the aesthetic of your home.

Bunny Task Table Lamp

It's simply purrr-fect! Featuring dainty rabbit ears and a gold finish, this task lamp adds character to any bedside table, desk or vanity.  Designer captures their classic and rebellious aesthetic.

Scottie Table Lamp

Scottie is looking for adoption!  this four-legged friend is ready to bring a joyful mood to your home, holding happily a bone that he never parts from. 

Heart Atmosphere Table Lamp

The atmosphere is full of positive energy. This Table lamp has a built-in iron shade that can transform a desk into a place of love. This Table lamp is great for a romantic setting or a personal room, and can also be used in a study room or bedroom. 

Banana Table light

Bright yellow in color and resembling a banana, it creates a humorous atmosphere that highlights your imagination and creativity while filling the atmosphere with colorful, natural banana vibes.

Mr Maria Smiley Table Lamp 

This fun lamp has a beautiful yellow color and is a cheerful eye-catcher for your playful interior. A sunny decoration item during the day and a cozy, atmospheric lamp in the evening.

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