Table lamps are an easy way to infuse resort living into your everyday; they offer the perfect opportunity to introduce striking silhouettes, intriguing textures, and versatile tones into your space. And with a smaller price tag than many pendants and floor lamps, table lamps usually won't break the bank, either. Shop our full collection of unique table lamps in the lighting collection at We invite you to sift through our many options to find the perfect lamp or lamp for your vibe!


Many vendors don’t style their pieces, they’re not photographed well, and some components have to be updated to modernize the fixture (for aesthetic and functional purposes). I know that seems like a less-than-favorable shopping experience, but I’m here to tell you- you can score some incredible pieces at great price points if you’re willing to dig… just like you would in a normal thrift store. Ready to see what I found? Click through for a GIANT roundup of vintage table lamps…

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each vintage lamp below! I also wanted to share a few vintage light fixture purchasing tips with you…

We hope that this blog post has been helpful to you. We know how important it is to have the right lighting in your home, so we wanted to share some of our favorites and why we love them!




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