These amazing decorations look awesome for any occasion. They would look great in a baby’s nursery or a young girls fairytale styled bedroom. Or make them for your wedding reception and hang them around the room to create the ultimate dream fantasy evening, matched with a starry fairy-light lit ceiling it would create an amazing look.

The cloud lamps can be a great centerpiece for any room. They are so cute and beautiful that you will definitely end up buying one.


# Nuvola Pendant Light

The Nuvola pendant light is a lively and luminous piece ideal for office spaces or artful homes. This cloud-shaped fixture hangs from three adjustable cables to hover joyfully, just like a cloud in the sky. 

# Cloud Kumo Ceiling Light

Decorate your bedroom or living room with KUMO ceiling lamps! Its cloud-like design and its large size can brighten and decorate any room size.

# Cloud Bubble Pendant Light

This modern exquisite chandelier in a white finish can blend with all decor styles, the marshmallow shape shade is like the aura of the air. Plus, And the pendant light is in a halo ring shape and the LED bulbs are integrated into the frame, full of affection. 

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