A few months ago, I posted about how cool and practical swing arm wall sconces are over the countertop inside the kitchen. The thing is that those smarty creations are a hit all around the house. Mounted on the wall leave the floor or table space free but they still have an enormous flexibility to move around and adjust to your needs. I am considering that two sconces that can be moved up and down and/or rotated would be a great substitute to any lamp on the table. Bring it close to read a book or turn it towards the wall for a more ambient result. How about you? Do you have or consider getting swing arm wall sconces for your bedroom or living room?

The Nelson Ball Wall Sconce is designed with a swivel hinge and an adjustable plug-in cord, allowing easy movement of the lampshade without readjusting it on the wall. 

The lamp's design consists of a wall bracket with a curved arm that can be twisted and pulled out from the wall to reach further. The Swing wall lamp is both appealing in industrial design but also has a very clever function. The lamp is perfect as a bedside lamp or a lamp in the living room as it can unfold when used but also pulled together to avoid being in the way.

The precision-crafted line of floor, wall, and ceiling lamps is comprised of a stripped-down series of solid brass geometries that, when combined, reveal the beauty of elemental form. Each fixture houses the latest in technology a true celebration of craftsmanship, technology, and architectural design. Its beam of light is like a Chinese lantern, a small and simple lamp that feels natural in any location.

Jameson adjustable luminaire. Elegant design in black metal with brass painted details, the luminaire is in perfect harmony with the frame. The adjustable sconce allows you to direct light with greater precision and simplicity.

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