Lighting can make or break a space. Good lighting can set the mood, help us focus or relax and experts say it even makes us feel better. And the hardest working of all lights is arguably the floor lamp. These glamorous workhorses of the lighting world are deemed ‘task lights’ but create loads of visual interest too. So let's shine a light on floor lamps and how to choose the best option for your living room.

Symphony 6950 Floor Lamp || Wiggly Pleated Floor Lamp || Celeste Floor Lamp || Sampei Floor Lamp || Spar Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are phenomenal for casting light in places that are notoriously challenging, and can also give the illusion of height to relatively small spaces. A tall floor lamp can trick the eye and highlight the true height of a room, especially in contrast to low sitting furnishings.Floor lamps represent the holy grail of home décor in that they’re both decorative and functional, take up hardly any space and are easy to move around, making them a sound décor investment for renters and homeowners alike.The tripod base of the achieves a minimal footprint while the flexible shade angles and pivots to personalize the lighting environment.If you don’t wish to add too many light sources within your living room and want one singular floor lamp that also doubles up as a statement piece, this idea is worth considering. Light up your space with this modern pleated floor lamp with a curved stand. With a Nordic style pleated linen lampshade and wavy stand, it will decorate your room beautifully and cast a warm glow.

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