When it comes to lighting you have a few different moments to make a statement in your room, and pendant lighting is one of those moments. Although small and often only one or two lights, they can create something special within a room which is why we decided that it was time for us to round up a handful of our favorites all under $300.

Before we get into it, let’s talk for a moment about pendant lights. Traditionally pendant lights (as we mentioned above) are made up of one to two light bulbs that hang from a single unit in the ceiling. Although quite similar to chandeliers, the main difference between the two comes into play with the number of light bulbs as well as the structure of the light as pendants typically have one to two bulbs, and chandeliers can have many more as well as hang from an armed system. So, when do you use a pendant vs a chandelier? Well, there is no hard rule for when you should use one vs the other in your decor other than the aesthetics of how you want it to look as well as how much light you need in the area. If you do need something with quite a bit of light output then going with a chandelier is a safer bet but if you have recessed lighting in the room or the area is small and doesn’t need a lot of additional light then a pendant is a safe bet for you.

These are going to be best used when you want directional light. If this is the only source of light in your room then you typically won’t want to use a metal shade as it will only provide light directionally over one area rather than helping to light the entire room. But, if you do have recessed lighting in the room or another source of light then these guys can work great over a kitchen island, a small dining area, or anywhere else when they are used as a secondary source of light.

Lighting can change the way a room feels. Soft lighting makes the room feel cozy and calm. If you want more energy in the room, brighter lighting does the trick. Wood lamps gives a warm feeling, while chrome, metal and black can give a more industrial feel. Bigger lamp shades give the room scale if the room is large. We would love to know if you have some favorites too!

1. Suprematic Pendant Lamp | 2. Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamp | 3. Multi-Lite Pendant Light | 4. Lens Glass Pendant Lamp | 5. Dawn Linear Suspension Light | 6. Dali Pendant Lamp | 7. Capsule Pendant Lamp | 8. Air Pendant Lamp | 9. Bifurcation Bubble Chandeliers | 

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