From chandeliers to sconces to table and floor lamps, the assortment and options that truly work in this style are pretty endless. After all, this style is among the most popular today, and these types of lighting options can work in so many different design styles. 


Allen Wall Lamp

This sconce wall light has a contemporary as well as mid-century look. The glass rods formed the cylinder-looking shade and gives off beautiful beams of light. You can install it in a vertical or horizontal direction according to your needs. Suitable for living room, vanity, or powder room.

Chelso wall light

Elegance, style, sophistication. The Chelso wall light will get all the compliments no matter where you place it. The smooth opal globes, refined brass arms, and delicate structure make for pretty beautiful light.

C Wall Lamp

Inject a strong personality into your space with the C.LAMP. Hang one or play around with Six different colors, hung four different ways - and give your interior a fun, personal touch.

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