They add so much whimsy and fun and English-cottage vibes to a space and I haven’t seen a room they look bad in yet. So today I wanted to roundup some of my very favorite fabric lampshades on the Dekorfine right now. 

As I’ve been incorporating English-inspired design elements into our modern traditional cottage home, fabric  lampshades have been on my radar. They’re so textural, interesting, and often colorful. 

Dippa Pendant Lamp

This Dippa Pendant Lamp will get you compliments for your rich sense of fashion. This beautiful luminaire displays slightly altered spherical silhouette,  taking notes from organic forms, it is handcrafted with excellent artistic values and powered by suitable lighting technology.

GT6 Pendant Lamp

The GT6 Pendant Light is a clean detailed piece, perfect in a variety of styles. the pendant’s voluminous shade has a classic appeal, while the dialogue between shade and slender armature injects modern personality into a space.

Pleated Brass Wall Lamp

The elegant Pleated Brass Wall Light from the antique brass range has beautifully curved arms and simple clean detailing. It's complemented by pretty, White fabric effect shades. 

Rosa Vintage Table Lamp

Our Rosa Vintage Table Lampshade is a modern-retro drum style shade, featuring a beautiful pattern interior for a warm and luxurious glow.

Zen Floor Lamp

Imagine this stunning zen floor lamp in your home. Care crafted from a walnut base topped with a  white fabric cylinder. It is elegant and rich all at once.



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