When it comes time to buy gifts for friends and loved ones, the endless shopping possibilities may feel overwhelming. A great gift idea needs to feel personal, but it should also match your recipient’s taste. It should inspire excitement while serving a practical purpose. And importantly, it needs to fit within your gifting budget. Since so many of us are spending more time at home this season, gifts for the home are a smarter idea than ever before! 

Holiday home gift guide will get you started with product category suggestions in Different types of lighting options. We’ll help you kick off your search and give you expert guidance to anticipate.


Table Lamp

1.Pipistrello Table Lamp

2.Akari Paper Table Lamp

3.Flowerpot Table Light


Wall Lamp

4.Decorative Wall Lamp

5.Feather Pearl Wall Lamp

6.Lampiatta Wall Lamp


Floor Lamp

7.Akari Floor Lamp

8.Space Age Murano Glass Floor Lamp

9.Symphony 6950 Floor Lamp

Any gift you give to brighten a home is a gift that’s chosen with love. No matter which home gifts you end up choosing this holiday season, you are sure to bring a little extra joy to rooms where your friends, family, and loved ones spend so much of their time. Happy holidays and happy gifting!

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