With the advancement of modern lighting technology, bulbs have gradually become the mainstream choice. When choosing bulbs suitable for your home lighting, different lamp holder types are a key factor. This article will introduce E12 and E14 bulbs and provide guidelines for the correct selection of bulbs.

What are E12 and E14 LED Bulbs?
E12 and E14 are two common socket types for LED bulbs, and they are one of the most popular standard sizes in the LED lighting market.

E12 LED Bulbs: E12 bulbs are also known as "Candelabra Base" (candelabra base) because of its shape like the base of a candle. It is a small lamp holder, about 12mm in diameter. E12 bulbs are often used in smaller lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps.

E14 LED Bulbs: E14 bulbs are also known as "Small Edison Screw" because of the similar thread size to regular Edison screw bulbs. The diameter of an E14 bulb is about 14 mm, which is slightly larger than that of an E12 bulb. E14 bulbs are typically used in medium-sized lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and floor lamps.

Light bulbs come in many shapes, sizes, and wattages. Some of them look very similar – such as the E12 and E14 bulbs – and may seem interchangeable. 

But is that really the case?

This article will discuss E12 and E14 bulb bases and explore their fundamental differences. We’ll also cover the different socket bases available on the market.

Let’s get into it!

Are E12 and E14 Bulbs the Same? 

E12 and E14 bulbs are not the same because they fit different socket bases. E12 is the standard base type for candelabra bulbs, while the E14 is a slightly larger base type for table lamps and other small fixtures. Therefore, bulbs with E12 and E14 bases are not interchangeable and have different dimensions.

E12 and E14 represent bulb base types, but they’re different. The E12 bulb screw measures 12 millimeters in diameter, while an E14 measures 14 millimeters. Therefore, the European E14 is larger than the American E12 by 2 millimeters.

That tiny size difference (2mm) between E12 and E14 bulbs makes most buyers assume the two are the same.

However, the assumption is invalid as every bulb is unique and different, depending on its cap or screw size.

Despite the considerable similarity between the E12 and E14 bulbs, you can tell the difference, and here’s how.

E12 vs E14: Key Differences

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