Light is an integral element of designing any interior space, so when choosing the perfect lighting, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many components to consider. Ensuring the glass fixture matches the style of your décor, the pattern of light and shadow created is in keeping with your desired visual impact, and the light emits sufficient illumination for visibility, task performance and mood - the list goes on!

Read on to explore our comprehensive guide to glass lighting...

What is glass lighting?

Glass lighting is a popular choice, incorporated within both contemporary and traditional homes. It is ideal for maximizing the quantity of light distributed within a room, whilst enhancing the quality of the visual appeal. Thus providing the ultimate compliment to your interior space, whether that is classic or contemporary style.

We offer an extensive range of glass pendant lights, available in an array of beautiful colors, shapes, glass patterns and styles. Our variety of diverse options will ensure you can choose the best accessory to suit your personal taste.

1.Boston Bowl Pendant Light

Add a touch of industrial style to your home with the stunning Boston Bowl Pendant Light. Simple and chic, this Boston Bowl Pendant Light will command attention over a kitchen island, dining table, or antique pool table.

2.Shell Pendant Lamp

Fun is made of natural mother of pearl shells that are held to the highest quality brass and hung on stainless steel rings. The fixture has a sense of movement and life. 

3.Quenna Pendant Lamp

The Quenna Ripple Pendant Light boasts a ripple-textured glass shade, paired with a wooden bulb holder interior. Suitable for furnishing modern and Scandinavian spaces.

4.Glass Jewel Pendant Light

This lamp combines stylish retro-inspired elements to bring a touch of personality to any entrance, restaurant, kitchen or home, requiring light and extra features. Retro light luxury style, not only lighting, but also for your home decoration.

5.Vintage Crystal Pendant Lamp

The Vintage Crystal Pendant Lamp head is matched with a translucent glass pendant decoration, and the shape is very beautiful and romantic, full of retro flavor. Space Application This pendant light is suitable for kitchen, dining room, barn, living room, porch, hallway and hallway use.

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