I’ve been in a love affair with bubble lights for a few years. I love putting a bubble light in a space that could benefit from some whimsy. This one, I originally picked out for our dining room, but as soon as I found the mural for the study, I knew it could use something a little modern, and a little whimsical. It looks like a cloud in the sky with the scenic, traditional mural. I have never spent that much on a light before, but I saw this exact bubble light I in the parade of homes here a few months ago and it took my breath away. 

1.Pearls Chandelier  /  2.Sun Chandelier  /  3.Balloon Ball Chandelier  /  4.Apiales Chandelier

#Sun Chandelier  This room is the first you see when you walk in the front door and the light goes so far in making an impactful first impression.

 #Apiales Chandelier  a stunning, modern chandelier inspired by clusters of flowers.  This Glass Ball Chandelier Modern is made from a large metal frame and fitted with round, mouth-blown glass domes that filter the light in a soft and delicate manner. 

#Balloon Ball Chandelier  This sleek alloy construction takes inspiration from designs of the mid-century school, using a series of slender hoops that expand outward from a central hub to secure glowing Orbs at their ends, which keep the fixture’s smooth character while gentling bright light into a warm ambiance.

#Pearls Chandelier  The white, hand-blown glass shades look like pearls set in the metal structure of the chandelier. It is the perfect solution for general lighting in large and medium-sized spaces. 

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