There are a few design choices I firmly believe work in every home – a whole house paint color scheme, the same flooring in the majority of the home, and a whole-house lighting design. I have made similar design choices in our home with our paint colors and flooring choices. But, I’ve also been very careful about what lights were chosen for each space. Because the majority of our home is a very open floor plan, all the lighting choices had to complement one another.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | Our pendants are my favorite light fixtures in our home. They look great anywhere – entryways, hallways, over a round dining table, etc. I’ve shared our dining room chandelier before and a few look-a-likes. Number three, we have in our laundry room and a similar version in the bathroom. Vanity lights are simple glass and matte black, while both bathrooms have a light fixture similar to number seven. I plan on using number five in my office makeover, but these accent lights look great anywhere. I’m not a huge fan of flush mount lights, but they are a must in some cases. I really like the design of number eight and wouldn’t mind updating our closet fixtures with something similar.

I’ve also been thinking about updating the light in our entryway. The light we have now is too small for the large entry, it’s off-centered and looks out of place. I would like to center the light fixture and have been thinking about number six.  I’m having second thoughts because I think number six just fits better with the simple design aesthetic of our home.

It’s a tough decision that I will have to think about adding this new fixture to our whole house lighting design. And knowing me, I’ll either decide very quickly or it will take me a whole year! Which would you pick?

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