One of the most common questions I receive here on the blog and on social media is about our chandelier. I have rounded up six of my favorite black chandeliers as similar and affordable options. (post contains affiliate links, see disclosure)


All of these chandeliers are very similar but unique in their own ways. Some are a little more modern and others more traditional. I am really loving this one and think it would look great in our home.  If you are looking for a chandelier similar to mine, you really can’t go wrong with any of these options!

Mobile Chandeliers

These lines in the air have several sources of warm light, with diffusers in opaline blown glass. This patinated brass chandelier in the black color is distinguished by its elegance and contemporary touch. 

Tree Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier's use of high-quality explosion-proof glass, let the light become more soft, very artistic beauty. With EO grade nano spraying technology, the metal texture is strong and the coloring is stable. 

Bifurcation Bubble Chandelier

Bifurcation Bubble is the union of those two seemingly disparate aesthetics—the industrial and the organic—like a marriage of opposites gone crazy with joy. The fixture can stay simple, or it can be designed to wander or sprawl to fit the space. 

Leto Chandelier

Rhythm Collection Chandeliers

The Rhythm lamps are an Arik Levy design. The Rhythm collection is capable of adopting many configurations thanks to its rotation around a central axis which allows for the free movement at an angle of its light sticks. This approach allows the Rhythm lamps to be configured into smooth waves or bespoke chaotic shapes.

Flamingo Chandelier

The Flamingo Chandelier in a variety of models as part of the same concept so that the user can select the fitting that is most appropriate to their décor. Available in several finishes reflecting current design trends.

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